PF18267, House, Setubal

Closed condominium, located in Vendas de Azeitão, composed by 5 villas and apartments.It integrates five fractions (from A to E). Three fractions (from A to C) are villas and the other two fractions (D and E) are apartments.All the fractions share a common private car park, a swimming pool, technical areas, garden areas, cooling and heating systems supplied by solar energy and assisted by individual heat pumps. Not only the former buildings (A, D and E), but also the new buildings (B and C) provide an anti-seismic type of construction.The energy certification is class B.The finishes and the equipments are of the highest quality.The surveillance system integrates fire and burglar alarm systems and the communication with the exterior is made through video.

Azeitão, Setubal

| 1575.0 m2



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