PF20774, Apartment, Lisboa

The building Dom João de Castro 54 is one of the oldest and emblematic buildings of the Rio Seco area, in Ajuda.Originally from the end of the 19th century, it is in process of deep refurbishment, preserving the original draft but blending a more contemporary approach.The former faience factory, which was converted with the purpose of housing, takes, from the original construction, the foundations and the supporting walls, as well as some fenestrations.The result of this intervention aims to achieve an architectural and urban valorisation of the set of buildings in which is integrated, as well as the surrounding area. Therefore, it represents a contemporary contribution to an urban regeneration, not only for the neighbourhood, but for the city as a whole. To preserve the historical memory through its built heritage is to promote the identity´s distinguishing mark of a city. By adjusting them to new uses, the former containers’ buildings configurate fresh scenarios in an antique city that is setting its eyes on the future. The building Dom João de Castro 54 is the current result of an historical past, made real, which allows rejoicing and experiencing the city of Lisbon.Do you want to be a part of it? Discover this building!

Ajuda, Lisboa

2 | 1 | 85.75 m2



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