PF22223, Apartment, Lisboa

Fantastic 2+2 duplex bedroom apartment, with a 145,2 sqm area, inserted in the Secret Garden development.The apartment is distributed as follows:The lower floor comprises:- A 9 sqm entry hall- A 6,45 sqm kitchenette- A 33,30 sqm living room- A 2,95 sqm bathroom- An 11,25 sqm suite, supported by a 2,65 sqm bathroom- A 10,75 sqm bedroomThis floor has a 2,65 sqm high ceiling, except the kitchenette that has a 2,40 sqm high ceiling.The upper floor is composed by:- An 8 sqm circulation area- A 3,85 sqm bathroom- A 7,40 sqm officeThis floor has a 2,20 sqm high ceiling.Other features:- Two apartments per floor- The building includes an elevatorSecret Garden is a new development that emerges in the prestigious Bairro Azul, in Avenidas Novas. A real secret garden in the centre of Lisbon!This development comprises a common garden that includes a 180 sqm swimming pool in the back of the building: a rare oasis in the centre of Lisbon!The decorative elements in the façade and the elegant blue door evoke the glamour of the beginning of the 20th century.Discover this secret that is arising in Lisbon!

Avenidas Novas, Lisboa

2 | 3 | 145.2 m2



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