PF23067, Land, Santiago do Cacem

Land, with approved project to construct a rural 4 stars hotel, with 25 bedrooms, with the possibility to expand for around 50 bedrooms.There is a myth in the region, which states that a long time ago this area was full of deers (“Cervos” in Portuguese), so this region is named after that myth.The hotel is located in Vale da Cerva (Cercal) and it is implanted in a property with around 5 ha, close to the Campilhas’dam, 112 metres above the sea level, surrounded by cork trees, holm oaks and a large variety of endogenous vegetation, through mild hills and a vibrant landscape that extends to a distant horizon.The rural context, in which the property is framed, largely favoured by the particular beauty of this place, determined the guiding concept of this project: promoting the rejoice of nature and to discover the regional culture.The hotel is composed by a main unit that comprises the entrance, the reception and also a set of lounge areas. This unit (more than a half is above the ground) includes a staff area, technical areas, storage areas, services, a SPA, a restaurant and a room for events.The remaining units are above the ground, present a similar size and comprise 24 bedrooms and two suites, all of them with wide areas, a minimalist design and private terraces that provide comfort and privacy and allow rejoicing a peaceful landscape.

Cercal do Alentejo, Santiago do Cacem

| 0.0 m2 | 52000.0 m2



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