PF23504, Apartment, Lisboa

Awesome bedroom duplex apartment, placed in Torre São Rafael, with a double balcony and windows that provide a view to the river.It includes parking space for two cars and a storage area.The apartment was totally remodelled and it is completely furnished and ready to live in.This is a distinct apartment, due to the fact that it was deeply refurbished and improved. The staircases were coated and the sideward panels were lacquered and currently include embedded stainless friezes, the staircase´s upper parapet was coated with stainless steel, the kitchen was totally remodelled and it is totally fitted, the bathroom of the lower floor was remodelled, the living room is decorated in two walls with paintings of a visual artist. There is ambient sound in all the rooms, including the bathrooms, a baby sleep system in the smaller room. The lighting system and the ceiling´s projectors were integrally remodelled, the central pillar that separates the living room and the dining room includes a mirror´s coating that was divided in four, shading blinds of fabric in the living rooms, controlled by a remote control, all the doors are lacquered, the devices of “climaespaço” were relocated and are stored in a stainless box. This building is placed in a strategic area, in Parque das Nações, close to cultural areas, transportation and commercial areas.

Parque das Nações, Lisboa

3 | 3 | 170.74 m2 | 2375.0 m2



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