PF24022, Apartment, Lisboa

2 bedroom apartment, inserted in the development Alexandre Herculano 41, only five minutes away, on foot, from Avenida da Liberdade.It is located in Alexandre Herculano street, in the corner of Rodrigo da Fonseca street.The apartment has a 119 sqm private gross area, 6 sqm balconies and a storage area.The remodelling process of the development Alexandre Herculano 41, signed by the Frederico Valsassina architecture studio, preserved the epochal original design of the façade. The interiors have modern and high-quality equipments. The useful areas of the apartment are distributed as follows:a 38 sqm living room, an 8 sqm kitchen, an 18 sqm suite, the bathroom of the suite (6 sqm), a 14 sqm bedroom, a 4 sqm social bathroom and 6 sqm balconies.The apartments that integrate this development stand out not only for its luxury and comfort, but also for the wide interiors and the high ceiling and crafted ceilings.The apartment includes a private storage area.

Avenida da Liberdade, Lisboa

2 | 2 | 119.0 m2



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