PF24076, Farm, Palmela

Former vineyard manor house, located in Fernando Pó, in the Palmela ´s municipality. Rural tourism and events´ venue placed 40 minutes away from Lisbon and 20 minutes away from Setúbal/Palmela. Total area: 12000 sqm. Total built area: 1200 sqm. An orchard with 300 diversified fruit trees (organic certification). An 80 sqm swimming pool; 320 sqm total area. Gardens with 700 sqm. A service patio with 300 sqm. A wine cellar with 150 sqm, 12 metres high and an independent access. An events’ room with 150 sqm, 8 metres high and a 50 sqm garden. A central patio with 550 sqm. A 270 sqm main warehouse, 6 metres high. A 30 sqm small warehouse, 6 metres high. A 20 sqm workshop. A 40 sqm multipurpose room. A 50 sqm house with one bedroom. A 200 sqm house with two bedrooms and an 80 sqm balcony. A 90 sqm house with two bedrooms, a balcony, a garage and with an independent access. A 120 sqm house with four bedrooms, an attic and a garden. Boxes destined to the fourth wine storage, the original deposit, the original wood oven; a borehole, an elevated irrigation tank and an automatic watering system. Electricity and water are supplied by the public network. A 900 sqm parking lot with an independent access.In the village there are direct trains to Lisbon and a great service area that provides wireless internet. In the Fernando Pó´s location it is possible to take long strolls on foot or by bike,horseback riding, picnics in the vineyard, tasting the local soup, seafood, shellfish and roasts and also visiting the most famous vineyards of this village. In the surroundings, there is the option of catching the catamaran to Cais do Sodré (Lisbon´s centre), of making a tour in the Sado river in order to see dolphins or to relish oysters at sunset, taking the ferryboat to Troia,eating fried fish in Setúbal, molluscs in Alcácer do Sal or a superb and unique rice in Comporta, visiting the beaches and the Arrábida´s natural park, the Palmela ´s castle and the motherhouse of the wine route, among many other options.

, Palmela

9 | 8 | 874.0 m2 | 1081.9 m2



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