PF24318, Apartment, Lisboa

Solar de Santana is one of the oldest and fascinating buildings of the Campo Santana ´s area.Once known as Palácio Vaz de Carvalho or Casa das Torrinhas, it was founded on the 17th century.Its earliest reference is from 1661 and it belonged to a noble family house settled by Cecília Temudo and designated as Noble Houses of the Torres do Campo do Curral da Cidade de Lisboa.This building gave rise to one of the most elegant and better renovated developments of Campo Santana.The apartments have two independent entrances, in different blocks, each one with two elevators.On the ground floor, between the Campo Mártires da Pátria street and the José Vaz de Carvalho street, there is a 135 sqm reserved and exclusive commercial area, which contributes to consolidate this building as a reference of quality and prestige at a national level.This duplex apartment is composed by two suites, a ample living room, with a double high ceiling, facing the condominium´s interior garden.The apartment´s floor is coated with RIGA wood and it is equipped with Whirlpool household appliances.

Campo de Santana, Lisboa

2 | 3 | 158.0 m2 | 11.0 m2



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