PF24710, Land, Grandola

Beach Reserve Troia is having a house on the beach, next to the sea, in a private condominium in an oasis of nature. The Condominium consists in villas with areas between 190m2 and 200m2, from two to three bedrooms. With direct access to the beach, it is undoubtedly a way to share time with family and friends and enjoy the temperatures that Tróia provides us in the summer. The plots are available for the construction of single-family houses. Distributed between the beach, the lake, the golf and the dunes, in a closed condominium with direct access to the beach, the plots have areas between 1,200 m² and 2,400 m² and include architectural design. This is certainly a unique project, for a unique experience!

Tróia, Grandola

| 343.75 m2 | 1842.0 m2



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